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Alex Krause

Hi Dr. Irons,

Will you have more posts on this topic? You seem to have concluded with this post. You have listed all the relevant pubs. at the outset (which I have not read). However, the material you chose from both camps in your posts have not convinced me of (your?) WSC position.

The WSC stance seems overly focused on the process of S. almost in a clinical and mechanistic sense. It seems overly choppy. The WTS position of co-terminus effects better reflects both biblical and experiential realities. From a human point of view, yes, it seems we are much better at the end of the walk than the beginning, but the old man is still kicking just as hard. Sure we are better practiced but I wonder how impressed God must be,not very, I suspect. Spirit-wrought faith seems to have thirst for righteousness component which is what Dr. Gaffin is implying.

Alex Krause

Sorry, should have said "simultaneous" instead of "co-terminus"


I have more posts in store.

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