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Andy Schreiber

You wrote: "Nevertheless, as clear as Gaffin is on this, he insists on granting mystical union priority over justification. And so, as a result, he argues that the forensic imputation of righteousness is something that takes place “within” vital union with Christ. “There is no imputation without union or antecedent to union” (AR, 286)."

Is this not precisely what the Westminster Standards clearly teach? WSC Q.30-32 (on the application of redemption, effectual calling, and the benefits of redemption in this life) taken together and in order explicitly teach this. This is hardly some novel or new view; it is simply standard mainstream (especially in Presbyterian circles) Reformed teaching.

Q.30 - we are united to Christ by faith (which is worked in us by the Holy Spirit).

Q.31 - we are effectually called by the work of the God's Spirit, enabling and persuading us to embrace Jesus Christ, freely offered to us in the gospel.

Q.32 - We who are this effectually called and united to Christ by faith partake of justification, adoption, sanctification, et al.

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