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Is she any relation to the late Martyn Lloyd-Jones?


"Because of her last name, many fans mistakenly believe she is related to Martyn Lloyd-Jones, a Welsh minister influential in the British evangelical movement who’s admired by many American evangelicals.

No, she gently clarifies with anyone who asks, she is not related to him."


Phil Ledgerwood

Good review, Lee. We have that book, and I read from it some for a time for family devotions (I have two small children) and had a really hard time with the hyper-sentimentalized gloss over all the stories. These days, we read from the actual Bible and, if a passage has complexities to it, I try to explain it to my kids.

But like you say in the review, I can appreciate that, in writing a children's Bible, it would be difficult to portray themes like sin, justice, and judgment in ways that would be true but also be age-appropriate ways. I might also give Egypt perishing in the sea a one-liner. But also like you, I think this particular children's Bible isn't suffering from trying to make those concepts age appropriate so much as it presents those concepts as more or less invalid.


Lee, spot on review. I about choked when I began reading the creation account in Jesus Storybook Bible to my son. This book is "The Message" for kids, plain and simple. Hyper-emotive, sentimental, flowery, and romantic. My son is 5 and knows words like atonement, repentance, wrath, sin, forgiveness, covetousness, adultery, etc etc. "Age appropriate" is really taken too far in our day and age...teach your kids the Bible verse-by-verse and they will "grow into" the truths you teach them.

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