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Nick Brennan

This is well said Lee. On the flip side It seems it is equally a danger to so see the emptiness of the "all is mission" position that we become only concerned about worship and not as concerned about neighbour. It would be great if more of us in Reformed churches were pursuing substantial and God-centred worship and also seeing many unbelievers gathered into our churches. That God would make it so.


Thanks, Nick. I agree with your sentiment and prayer. We should keep a healthy balance of all three activities of the church: worship, nurture, and witness.


Reading the Psalms canonically, John Stek shows the intent of its opening with Psalm 1 and closing with Psalm 150. The point: The godly are the worshippers of God. While worship on the Lord's Day is not just another activity like Monday to Saturday, our life is ultimately one whole. This is a critical link between faith and practice.

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