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Have you read this Lee? Paul Bowers, “Fulfilling the Gospel: The Scope of the Pauline Mission,” JETS 80 (1987): 185-98.


This was from his doctoral dissertation. It's solid.

Ever since hearing of it, I've always thought 'missional' is heading into a social gospel and certainly does not understand the two kingdoms. A man whom Christ gives to his church as a servant of the word has his heart set on the people of God, not culture.

Concerning your first paragraph, I'd like to see an even stronger link between worship and nurture. We worship God from the heart when we are edified (nurtured) by the word and prayer. If a shepherd is not feeding Christ's sheep, there may be loud music, but not worship.


Acts 20:28-30 is the "great commission" that is all too often forgotten.

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