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John Mahan

In regard to your first critisicm, if Walton regards Gen 1:1 as meerly functional creation, what stops him from viewing Col 1:16-17 and Heb 1:2 as referring to meerly functional creation as well?


Thanks, Lee. That's helpful.

Jonathan tomes

Thanks for the review. I only finished read this last week. His undersanding of Ex Nihilo appeared to be an implication of the doctrine of God. I have also read The Evolution of Adam. Still looking for a good review of this.

John T. Jeffery

Thank you very much not only for doing this review, but also for posting it. It is very helpful to me, and, IMHO, very much needed. I am appreciative of scholars who recognize the significant Biblical and theological issues involved, and who write lucidly to alert and educate others regarding them.

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