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Ben Dunson


I can't wait to start seeing your work on this topic in print!

I wonder who the third examiner could possibly have been... someone who loves Luther and thinks that a Reformed view doesn't do justice to 'Christ our Righteousness'... hmmm... :-)

Ben Dunson

Jeremey Houlton

Nice work, brother! I have prayed for you.


Jeremey Houlton


As always, Lee, your response to criticism or disagreement is reasonable and gracious, yet without compromising principle. Congratulations on this latest of your many highly significant and lasting contributions to Biblical scholarship.

Mark Collingridge

What's the deal - you open up comments and Zrim hasn't been here yet! =)

Anyway, excellent work. I appreciate your love for Christ and His Gospel. I look forward to getting my hands on the fruit of your labors.




Congrats bro. I've only read the Intro and first chapter (only 83 pages) but got side railed and haven't gotten back to it. Have enjoyed it thus far and this is a good reminder to get back to it.

Glad to get to hear you'll get to read a paper. Hope you have a great time.


Robert A. Lotzer

It is great to hear the wonderful news. Congratulations! It stirs my heart to know that now with your dissertation behind you we might see more writing on the glorious gospel of Christ. Blessings!

Jody Morris

I'm a bit late reading this, but wow! Congratulations. Your steadfastness is a remarkable expression of God's grace. (James 1:3)


Sorry so late on this, but Congratulations!

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