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Jerry Wall

Lee, just wanted to thank you for the Greek reading program and the syntax notes. I found it really helpful in 2010 and plan to go thru the GNT again in 2011.

Tim Webb

Lee, would it be possible for you to quickly & easily make a version of your plan that is not tied to any specific year, i.e. with just the dates and reading schedule? Or could you provide the Excel spreadsheet for download so I can do it? I printed a copy of your 2010 calendar to get a head start on 2011 reading over the holiday, and it would be nice to have a version of the schedule that is not tied to the day so that it will work for any year... Thanks, Tim

Lee Irons

Sure, I could create a schedule as you describe. In the meantime, take a look at this one by Denny Burk: http://www.dennyburk.com/read-the-greek-nt-in-one-year-2/


Hi there Lee! Stumbled across your blog and have found it tremendously beneficial. Especially as one who's trying to keep a hold of his Greek. Have you got an tips/suggestions for reading Hebrew (not necessarily a one year plan, but maybe just the syntax notes that you've developed for each of the NT books) My goal this year is to read a couple of verses each day just to keep my recognition up so a syntax guide would be really handy.

Lee Irons

I have not developed syntax notes for the Hebrew OT. That would be a significant task for someone to try their hand at. In the meantime, try this resource for reading the Hebrew OT: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0310269741

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