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Joe Brancaleone

Looking forward to this. One question, which you may already be planning to address. I've only heard about the DSS' uses of the terms "works of the Law" and "under the Law", terms which supposedly shed new light on Paul's teachings on justification and the Torah in his epistles, and I wonder how that ties in to this? It seems like the meaning of one set of terms in Paul mutually informs the meaning of another set of terms (righteousness/justification and works of the Law/under the Law)


Joe, sure I'll address that at some point. The phrase "works of the Torah" (ma'ase ha-torah) occurs a handful of times in the DSS, most famously in 4QMMT. New Perspective scholars such as Dunn and Wright claim it proves their view that "works of the Law" (erga nomou) in Paul refers to the boundary markers (circumcision, Sabbath, keeping kosher) that separated Jews from Gentiles. However, in my view, usage of this phrase in the DSS actually supports the Old Perspective interpretation that erga nomou = deeds done in obedience to the whole Law, not just the ceremonial law, but the whole Law, including and actually emphasizing obedience to the moral core of the Mosaic Law.

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