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Adam York

Well said Lee. Are you aware of whether Wright and others have responded to their rather oversimplified view of parallelism?

Adam York

Lee Irons

If they have, I'm not aware of it. Wright doesn't dig into the exegesis of these passages in the Psalms and Isaiah for himself. He, like other NPP scholars, pretty much trusts that the exegetical spadework has been done by others. It is fascinating, but there is a chain of footnotes that goes back to OT scholars like van Rad and ultimately traces back to Hermann Cremer's 1899 book Die paulinische Rechtfertigungslehre. It is a scholarly house of cards.

Lee Irons

Sorry, "von Rad."


beautiful, just beautiful

Joel Fick

A scholarly house of cards. Nice. Currently reading Alters translation of the Pentateuch for the next sermon series on Genesis. Its interesting to read the bible from his perspective and with his footnotes. He certainly understands the language.

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