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Owen Lee

Lee, thanks for sharing. I thank and praise God for what He has done, and is doing, in you. Thanks for preaching the gospel, and for presenting your life as one that has been transformed by the gospel.


Lee I am glad you decided to write this, about the process you have gone through during the whole situation. This is a much needed encouragement, especially -- especially! -- in the Internet age when we can be so quick to ultimatize (is that a word?) every disagreement, judge one another's character based on those disagreements and, if I'm honest, to sit back in smug confidence of one's own position. It's a good reminder that those within the Church with whom we disagree on certain things are simply other brothers and sisters for whom Christ has died. And so we are to treat one another accordingly, as difficult as that thought can be in certain circumstances.

It's been a challenge to recognize this about the sense of dread I may feel in certain circles where there are significant disagreements on such matters; that it is really a dreading of opportunities for growth in sanctification.

Joel Fick


I am rejoicing with you. Really, to say that does not even begin to describe my emotion at hearing this great news. I am so thankful that in spite of the tremendous pain of this process, God in his great mercy has brought about this measure of resolve and has used these things for your own sanctification and growth in grace.

Love you brother.

Chris Caughey

Thanks for the update, Lee. I wish that I had been able to offer you some tangible token of support, but please know that my family and I were praying for you and your family. We have benefited much from both you and Misty.

In Christ,

Jon Peters

Great news Lee!

Alex Garleb

Lee, thank you for posting this. This is very, very good. It has informed and confirmed much of the journey in my life. Thanks again.

Your brother in the best of bonds,
Alex Garleb

Fikret Böcek

We never met before, but I wanted you to know that your articles helped us tremendously.

Thanks for keeping us updated on everything that happened.

We have been following your writings here in Turkey. It is hard to find solid Klineans online.

Matt Morgan had informed us about the conflict in 2002/3. We prayed for you and Misty.

Hope to meet you someday in person... May be here in Smyrna Turkey! Greetings to Owen.

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